YouTube, live night-core/lo-fi chats and the cringe within.

All right, so like the weeaboo trash that I am, I sometimes visit the black holes that are live music streams on YouTube. I mostly listen to lo-fi beats, night-core mixes, or dub step/gaming music.

If you’re unfamiliar with these things, that’s probably for the best. However, along the right-hand side of the video box there’s a chat box–a live chat box for whoever happens to be listening to the same music stream.

In this chat box you’ll find pure, unfiltered cancer. I surmise that it mostly consists of 12-year-olds. What you’ll see if you observe these chats is nothing short of internet cringe at its finest.

There’s a crappy roleplay happening between at least six people all at once so you never know who’s talking to who. If you see a message like, “*growls*”, just click off immediately because it’ll only get worse.

There will definitely be some jackass spamming other song lyrics with absolutely no context whatsoever. I can never figure out if it’s a bot, or an actual person wasting their time typing random song lyrics into a chat.

Usually, there’ll be some guy having a public pity party for himself about how he’s so depressed because he can’t get a girlfriend and wah wah wah. It’s quite possibly the most pathetic thing you’ll ever witness.

Lastly, you’ll always find some yoyo who thinks they’re edgy because of their profile picture. The picture will usually be a character from some Netflix show who’s either the villain, or an anti-hero. They attempt to take on that character’s personality traits and post edgy messages addressed to nobody in particular, but it’s blatantly obvious they want someone to think they’re cool.

If you happen to be any of these people reading this, just stop. Don’t ever touch a keyboard again because the lurkers like me are always watching and silently laughing at you while you embarrass yourself. You know who you are.

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