Introduce Yourself It Says…OK, here goes nothing.

To anyone who may be reading this, my name’s Brayden. I’m a college student from Wisconsin majoring in Journalism, with a minor in Film Studies. I’m in my junior, going on senior year, 22-years-old, and have been told on more than one occasion that I’m a decent writer. My problem is that I hate traditional journalism. I find news to generally be boring, and nobody really enjoys the press. Unfortunately, I need a degree in something, so here I am. The purpose of this blog: What is the purpose of anything really? Well, what I want to try is writing online and publishing my own things. Here I plan to write about anything and everything that interests me, regardless of what it might be, or if it relates to anything else on the blog or not. I suppose that would make it a digital, semi-public(?) journal. If you’re wondering what my interests are, oh boy, do I have a list because they’re inconsistent and all over the place. I’ll save that for another post because I guess that’s what I do now. At some point, it might be nice to make some money doing this. It would certainly be more fun than working for some dying newspaper. If I sound even the least bit interesting to you, I’m not going to say you have to stick around, but you should.

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